Our Founding Story

    The owner of Dorado Bangladesh awoke one morning in 2020 and said,“I choose happiness”. A decade of working in corporate Bangladesh had left him disillusioned. He began a learning journey that continues to this day. Dorado Bangladesh celebrates the wisdom and wonders learned along the way.

    Our Products

    Skincare goes beyond beauty—it nurtures physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Your skin, a miraculous organ, reflects your overall health. We're dedicated to showcasing and appreciating the beauty of skin in its various shades and ages.

    "Cause Pure Beauty Deserves Pure Product"

    - Dorado Bangladesh

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    Our Promise & Purpose

    We're dedicated to a company embodying honesty, reliability, and trust. Our top priority is quality products, aiming to deliver the best. In the world of online shopping, we strive for a hassle-free experience. To achieve our vision, we deeply ask for your cooperation and giving us a chance to shine.

    Dorado Bangladesh
    Committed To Make Your Life Easier